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Meet Sandown High’s new Captain

Pule Kgaratsi is the first black principal to be appointed at Sandown High School.


This historic appointment, however, does not faze the 49-year-old University of Witwatersrand graduate. He stressed that the important thing for him was to build on what had already been established at the school.

“We’ve got to roll up our sleeves and get down to it,” he said.

“My intention is to move the school forward and to bring about more positive changes to the school, something I am very excited about. I also want to take the school to greater heights in sports, culture and education because I want it to compete with some of the best schools in Sandton.”

Kgaratsi beamed when asked how he had been received at the school, and said it was beyond what he expected and was overwhelming.

“The first day I was introduced was emotional because of the support I got from both the management and the school governing body; the reception from the pupils, too, was amazing, they just embraced me,” he said.

The former deputy principal at Fons Luminis Secondary School in Diepkloof, Soweto, added that the amazing mentorship he had received during his 20-plus years as a teacher also helped in preparing him for this big role.

“To those who believe that their children deserve the best, Sandown will deliver because we are a society that has come together with one common vision,” he concluded.







Mr. Pule Kgaratsi



Sandown High School is situated in Sandton CBD near Morningside Medi Clinic and across the road from McDonalds.



Sandown High School is a multi -cultural school represent ing all race groups and a number of foreign nationals


Literacy Level 

While English is the language of learning and teaching, the school also offers Afrikaans, and from 2015 also offers isiZulu.


No of students (2015) 

+/- 580